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Your life is hectic, and you are being pulled to too many different directions. Simple tasks have started to seem complicated and you miss the time when you were able to fully concentrate on things. Your mind wants peace. You would like to spend a few days without any commitments, just to concentrate on yourself and recover.

At a retreat, you enjoy rest, nature, peace, accepting atmosphere and good food. With the help of small exercises and discussions, you become able to see your life from a broader perspective. Maybe you notice things that you want to focus on in the future in order to find peace and balance. Most important about the retreat weekend is to pause and be empowered. What is special about this retreat is peer support and the possibility to continue working on the important issues in coaching sessions after the retreat.

You are warmly welcome to a weekend retreat – to let go of the everyday for a moment. Come as you are. We will create a weekend that is most suitable for your situation and well-being, after which you will have more strength and tools to be the lead person in your life again. If you are interested, we can also tailor make a retreat for your team or group. Get in contact and join us!